Van Der Awesome!

So I’ve never really seen anything with James Van Der Beek in it that I’m aware of, but I only really know him from Dawson’s Creek. Well, I gotta give the guy credit for taking the act of making fun of one’s self and image to a whole new level.

First, he ran with the whole animated gif of him crying this with James Van Der Memes, which has even more animated gifs of his emotional reactions.

Secondly, he’s got some new videos, including Asshole for Hire, in which he tries to mend the damage he’s done to women’s image of men by being a raging douche, and Dilf Khakis, for the dad who wants to keep his sexy look.

I gotta admit, this stuff is hilarious, and again, gotta give the guy props for making fun of himself. :)

He was good in Rules of Attraction. A very underrated movie.

“I’ll take a shit in your aquarium, too.”

“abort! abort!”


I have a feeling I’m going to use this one a lot:

I also like the 10 year anniversary crying edition:

He did a guest spot on Criminal Minds and was super-creepy. I hope he makes an appearance at Pacey-Con 2011!

Here’s to hoping he gets into a comedy movie sometime soon :D

Apparently he’s going to be running Funny or Die’s twitter today, answering questions and taking requests.

Just a cameo but he was pretty funny poking fun at his own image way back in 2001 in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

Personal favourite for future forum linking: