Vancouver peepz, lend me your earz - PC repair

It seems my awesome gaming PC just had a conniption and is now refusing to boot.

If this were my old home of Victoria, I take it to my local, great, screwdriver shop and they fix it.

But I’m now in the big city of Vancouver (Burnaby, to be exact) and have no idea who to take this to. It needs some bench loving.

Any suggestions?

While you’re in Burnaby, be sure to stop over at the Relic office to pat them on the back.

I was always a fan of NCIX when I lived in vancouver. They had an office a short walk from Metrotown when I lived there. That was 7-8 years ago now, so not sure if it’s still there.

NCIX is probably where I’d go, that was my favourite place as well. I think they are still at the metrotown location as I still get my monthly email flyers from them. There were still there in 02 when I moved away.