Vancouver Vacation Suggestions

Me and the girl are heading up for a week on the 27th.

We’re already planning on renting bikes and doing a little Kayaking.

But it’s my first time up there, so I’m looking for any suggestions on:
what we should see
where we should go
and what we should watch out for.

Thanks in advance!

If you like nature, take a hike through Stanley Park. It’s right in the city and it’s beautiful. Giant redwoods.

  1. Stanley Park
  2. Granville island for shops, food, bars.
  3. West side downtown waterfront…some nice restaurants.
  4. Capilano Suspension Bridge - longest suspension bridge in the world.
  5. Take a day and drive up to Whistler…beautiful drive, great moutain town.
  6. Take a day hit a ferry over to Victoria if you’ve never been there.

dude, you have to either rollerblade or bike around Stanley Park – it’s a must-do!

also head to the really, really ghetto part of town and ask for directions to the marijuana shop – I forget what it’s called – you can buy some dope “legally” there … so long as they are still open. Keep your hand on your wallet and stick a butt plug up your ass though – ghetto Vancouver can be pretty dangerous.

head to the beach in Kitsalano… if you can’t buy your dope in the Vancouver slums you will likely be able to score a hit off some kids at the beach after sunset… there are some huge ass logs you can sit on by the water to smoke the green goodness on too without the fuzz buggin you… (not that I would know… )

don’t forget your raincoat…it rains a lot there

Wow. You couldn’t have asked for better advice from Lonely Planet.

Thanks for the tips!

It’s been a while since the last vacation. I’m really looking forward to it!

How about that 30 minute ride from a chinese taxi cab driver, from the opera house to god-knows where, when you ask him to take you to a place that servers “good Chinese food”? Also, points for eating in a chinese restaurant with only chinese, speaking chinese, with chinese menus. And all must be relatives of the aforesaid cab driver.

Sounds like you’re describing Richmond, just outside of Vancouver. Huge asian community. It’s not really a “Chinatown”, which I believe Vancouver has. It’s more like a “Chinacity”. Had some of the best chinese food I’ve ever eaten there…

Vancouver itself has a pretty good Chinatown proper, but yeah, Richmond is basically New Hong Kong (and the best place to find good Chinese food).

Stanley Park is good and, well, actually all of TheRock’s suggestions are good.

  • Alan