Anyone else watch this last night? Not bad. It was like 24 and CSI put together with a healthy dose of conspiracy theory thrown in.

I’ve vowed not to watch any show that uses surveillance camera footage, and then the tech in front of the computer is asked to “zoom in” and “clean up” said footage.

I would have liked this show, except for the ATM camera that apparently records everything it sees in all angles at an extremely high resolution…and it can see through glare off a window.

Yeah, that part was a little dicey, but even CSI is guilty of the old “I’ll run it through the resolution enhancement software” gimmick occasionally.

I just liked how it had a pacing similar to “24” and a plot that is obviously layered pretty deeply. Some of the stuff was easy to see coming, like the dead guy inthe trunk of his own stolen car, other stuff not so much, like the frozen 10-years missing woman turning up at the abandoned house where the rare gun was registered.

In one of the episodes I watched recently (maybe the 3rd? not sure), they do the zoom in and clean up off of a 12 year old VHS tape…

But overall, the show has been pretty fun so far, the lead FBI actor isn’t too great and looks similar enough to the captain of Serenity that I wish they had just cast him.

Hmmm…I started a thread on this too, back in the day (a month ago or whatever). Anyway, I like the show. It’s keeping me and my wife hooked. Nice twists.

Woah! This weeks episode actually shocked me. I mean seriously surprised me. Is anyone else still watching? This show really has me hooked.

I am definitely still watching it but on Tivo, so I think I’m an episode or two behind.

Anyone know how this show is doing ratings-wise? Even if it isn’t the greatest show in the world, I’d like to know how it plays out just to satisfy my curiosity. Would hate to have it get killed after 13 episodes and just left to hang.

Last year I watched Reunion, which was terrible, but I still wish there was a way to spoilerz it just to have it be done with.

Not too well. I haven’t heard any cancellation rumors yet but there was a rumor today that it might be moved to Fridays which isn’t a good sign.

I haven’t watched this week’s ep yet, but I know what the latest development is and, yeah, that’s pretty ballsy.

Actually, I think the move might be good in this case. There’re too many other shows that night.

Well, Prison Break seems like a good match for Vanished. Really, I guess the main concern is that Friday is where Fox sends shows to die.

Well, personally, I was watching Vanished, and enjoying it in a “yeah, this show has some pretty bad parts but I’m gonna keep watching” - but when Heroes came on, I had to delete Vanished from my DVR (we have 2 tuners, but one is tied up for Two and a Half Men/New Adventures of Old Christine). So moving it means I can actually start taping it again.

But in reality it’s not a great show - and for some reason, the daughter drives me up the wall.

Great twist this past episode, and yeah, while it’s not the best show on TV it’s got a thick enough plot and mystery that I’m eager to tune in and see it unfold.

A move to Friday will kill this show. It’s target audience is younger viewers who like stuff like 24 and Prison Break. That demographic does not watch TV during primetime on Fridays.

I hate that this is now on opposite Heroes, as Heroes is the better show. I’m still recording Vanished, but if everyone else is doing the same thing then I can see the ratings hit sinking the show.

Finally got caught up and I have to say I was genuinely surprised as well. Technically we don’t know anything officially, but it was still a bold move overall…

Hell, let’s just do this…


Technically the lead agent may not be dead I guess, but the move sort of makes sense. The story really isn’t about Atlanta anymore (even though I did think it an interesting setting to begin with), so why not get the Washington DC agent in now to start his part of the story.

Also, was the shot of the missing wife supposed to be in the same building as the vote was taking place in, or was it her just looking on from undisclosed locations?

Poor Ming Na, she gets some truly stupid lines at times, like with the PULL THE PLUG message written on the hand. The lead agent says “Maybe it’s the Masonic alphabet” and she looks doubtful. “It’s a longshot.” Or it’s the most obvious solution that should have been tried first.

Anyway, overall a fun show, not great but it has more narrative guts than I would have given it credit for.


They were watching on TV, so I’m guess they were in a different building. As for the writing, yeah, it’s bad sometimes, but the overall vision is decent and that’s what’s keeping me watching. I’m DVRing it and Heroes…luckily, I have two homes right now…well, this is the only good thing about it. but that means my wife can still DVR Christine, which is a show we both like as well.

This show has umm…well, you know, so I won’t use the obvious joke.

Anyway, they are airing 4 more episodes online to help finish out at least part of the story. My wife and I actually liked this show, so I think this is a shame. I just thought I’d let others know that while the show is cancelled, you can still watch a few more episodes that will help finish off at least one major plot point.

It’s definitely cancelled? That sucks. I knew they pulled it for sweeps, but I had hoped it was coming back somehow despite horrid ratings numbers

According to the website, it was cancelled last week, yes.

For those who care, here is the link to the new episodes: