Surprised nobody else has mentioned this yet. I just played the demo and it blew my mind. Kind of like Zone of the Enders meets Gears of War. The story seems to aspire to MGS levels of military paranoia, but whether it’s hit or miss I’m impressed by the gameplay.

None of the features by themselves are new, per se, but the synthesis is such that I almost always felt like there was something I should be doing, rather than spending half my time waiting for my health to regenerate.

There is this minimal thread, that was shortly revived after the release of the demo: Quarter To Three Forums - Qt3 Forums

I just played the demo last night, and I was pretty impressed. It’s a very nice looking game, the controls are pretty solid, and the demo mission is pretty fun, with a nice multi-stage boss battle at the end. It’s definitely on my radar now…

love the demo but probably will be a rental for me