Vaporum - Steampunk, Grimrock, solo only

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Wishlisted it, there are like a million good games out right now, can’t play them all. :(

Lost me at solo only. I feel that is a really bad idea for this genre.

Well, if you think about it, mechanically, there’s no difference. With a party, you’re still moving as one unit, sharing resources, and taking turns. You might as well be one character with a bunch of powers that have cooldowns.

Heads up. Apparently this is a game. I only know because @krayzkrok says he’s been playing it!

I forgot I wishlisted it!

Yes, and it’s very good if you’re into these grid-based dungeon crawlers. It’s a Grimrock-like, except Steampunk, so it’s all real-time and so is the combat (with positioning playing a big role). However, you have immediate access to a Superhot-like pause time mode, so time moves in brief chunks every time you perform an action. It really changes the combat dynamic to be a lot more tactical, and it makes those spots where you get locked into a room with a bunch of enemies something to look forward to instead of something to dread. It’s got a decent character progression system with a number of different builds possible, and on Hard mode it’s a suitable challenge. I really enjoyed it, plenty of variety and some really inventive puzzles and combat situations.

Incidentally there’s a Switch version coming very soon, seems like a good platform for it.

That sounds like a good change.

Gosh Krazy – I will wishlist and grab it when LK tells me its 4.99 at the steam garage sale. I always thought it would make more sense to play ONE in a real time blobber than FOUR. Which drives me crazy.

I picked this up on the GOG sale and have played though a few levels. It’s pretty fun. I love the pause feature.

Glad you’re enjoying it. Yes, the pause feature changes those moments where all the gates slam shut, 6 secret walls open and half a dozen enemies appear from “oh no, not this shit” to “yes, bring it on!” Once I got the hang of it, I shifted the difficulty up a notch to Hard a few levels in, it seems better balanced if you use pause a lot.

Anyone happen to know how prevalent the puzzles are? This kind of game with a super hot style pause mode looks fantastic.

But I cant face yet another game involving pulling red levers then walking to another room to pull two blue levers in sequence, only to hear the chain gate being raised somewhere else or putting damn rocks on pads etc.


Yeah Rod I agree. I just came over from operencia … man I am puzzled to death in that game now too. How is it that these game wanna puzzle us? or am I just getting old.

At least Bard;s tale IV has solutions incoming (check that thread).

I’m only on the 5th level so far so by no means can I speak for the entire game but, yes, it’s got a fair number of puzzles. Most are fairly minor (boxes that need to be dragged into pits to get to a door) but there are some few that can be headscratchers. You can find solutions on-line if you get stuck though.

Man, I thought I hated the acid roaches in this game but on my current level I ran into laser drones. I hope the 3 I killed are the last ones I ever see.

You will meet them again, but they are very rare. Thankfully.

Yes, puzzles are pretty much baked into this subgenre, although Vaporum’s balance is probably more towards its combat and general exploration. Most of the Vaporum puzzles are fairly straightforward I found, but there are a couple of really clever ones that use the pause function well. It’s certainly nothing like Bard’s Tale IV for puzzles, not even close. Haven’t played Operencia yet.

Thanks for all the responses folks!

Cheers, this helps a lot.

I find myself liking solo more than party in these games more and more.

So the sequel (ok, prequel, whatevs), Vaporum Lockdown, releases on 15 September. As the first game was perhaps the best Grimrock-like to date, pretty excited about this!

I’m in. I’ll start playing late tonight or tomorrow.

Very much like the first one, so far (which makes sense given the story). It appears that you can revisit levels, which makes secret hunting nicer. I hope that is the case for the entire game.

Chose the combat rig, but I was really tempted to go with assault. I think it offers a bit more damage than the combat rig in pure damage, but the decrease in precision may make damage a wash. The 5% fumium increase was the really tempting part.

I’m doing a Brutal, <3k damage run, so this is going to take me awhile.