Velvet Revolver

G n’ R with Scott Weiland on vocals…WOW!

I don’t know what this means for STP, but I cannot wait for this CD to come out June 8th. My wedding anniversary.

Hey Long, you are a big Stone Temple Pilots fan, have you heard this?

There’s a single they’re playing on the radio now and there’s also a song on the soundtrack for The Hulk. They play it during the credits in fact.

It’s good. I’m not sure HOW good yet because neither song leaped off the radio at me. Then again, a lot of STP stuff didn’t either until I heard it on the albums.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll see this. I don’t check in here as often as I should.


Stone Temple Pilots broke up in January. The breakup was announced in October. That’s, you know, quite awhile ago.

Velvet Revolver is a dead project, by the way. The album is being released, as Weiland is kind of a schmoe and Slash and the gang don’t want to work with him, but after that, who knows.

From the News section of their Web site:

Dearest Andy Langer,

I would love the opportunity to speak to you further, you fucking kiss-ass pussy sycophant bitch. Do you make common practice of licking the assholes of rock stars, only to walk away to a safe distance? Wait till a man’s back is turned then print a headline like that? Do you? Well, you know what half-man? My studio is in Burbank, the same place where you met me, interviewed me, and kissed my ass, you fucking worthless piece of journalist shit. Five days a week! I’ll be there bitch! No more interviews, you’re all a bunch of fucking kiss-ass pussy turncoats.

PS: Oh, by the way, you wanna know about fucking drugs? Fucking try them yourself!

  • Scott Weiland

Sounds like they found a good replacement for Axl Rose. :)