Vendor for laptop batteries

I’d like to replace my Lenovo battery with one with extended life. (Someone warned me in a Lenovo thread I started a while back that the battery sucks, and he or she was right.) Should I avoid the third-party vendors with OEM-compatible batteries? I don’t want to buy something used or possibly dangerous just to save a few bucks.

I have to get a new battery for my HP laptop as well, and am interested in other folks experiences on this.

I was eagerly awaiting all the great links people were going to throw in here so I’d have them for future reference, pretty quiet so far…

As for the HP laptop battery, I bought a new one from HP last year. The interesting thing was I went to the site and saw it was on sale for $X (don’t remember the price) and thought I’d comparison shop, figuring that price was a pretend ‘sale’ and was the normal price. The next day the price went up a decent amount and I was bummed. My friend told me he had a similar experience, but if you wait a few weeks the sale will be back. So I waited, and it came back. Apparently they do cyclical sales of these things(?) So keep an eye on the price if you’re buying from HP directly.

You can try at their battery link. I’m not sure how their pricing stacks up as I haven’t purchased from them in awhile but I did buy a battery from them in the past without a problem.

I’ve used Lenmar myself, and at least for the battery I bought, it started off with maybe 80% of the power of the OEM Dell battery and it’s already lost 20%+ of its capacity a year later. Not impressed.

If it’s old enough that the vendor no longer stocks it - - Battery-Biz is someone I’ve used for my customers before.

Okay, I ordered a TechFuel extended-capacity battery from, via Amazon. TechFuel appears to be BH’s in-house brand, and some of their other batteries have gotten pretty good reviews. I’ll let you know how it goes. It cost about $63 plus $5 shipping.