Not to make light of the serious situation developing in Venezuela, but looks like now trump has a pretext for his real goal.


Props to Ramos for some serious balls.


Trump hates him though.


And? Doesn’t take any courage for a journalist to attack Trump, the bulk of the media is already doing it. This does, is unusual, and deserves praise.


Right now DT is saying “Hey, why don’t we do that!”


Reports are out there’s essentially a nationwide power blackout. This a day after an Internet blockage.


My God is Marco Rubio a stupid man.


I’m confused. Has Megatron been reactivated or not here?


It’s worth noting that it’s unlikely that Rubio himself wrote that tweet.


Incompetent people tend to surround themselves with even less competent people.


Why is that worth noting?


Well, because it’s likely just some staffer who wrote it.


Why would a Rubio staffer feel that it is necessary to tweet out “news” regarding Venezuela?

I mean, sure it’s possible or even likely that it was someone on Rubio’s staff rather than Rubio himself, but why did he direct his staff to tweet out what they thought were details about the Venezuelan power issues?


That aside, why wonder if Rubio wrote the tweet himself when we’re happy to treat other people as they had written their own tweet?

I mean, have you seen the shit Rubio tweets? This particular example is entirely consistent with his broader oeuvre.




I’m not familiar with this source but a quick search said they tend to be factual, albeit very biased.

This looks relevant. So they are saying the Koch’s were Venezuela’s #1 customer of crude for ages. That’s why they wanted the Keystone pipeline to refine the oil sands.


I’m sorta late to this thread, but I’d just like to point out that Venezuela is not actually in our backyard. It is literally on another continent.


Venezuela is closer to Washington DC than LA is.

The Americas are our back yard, going back to The Monroe Doctrine.


Wait, are you saying that Washington DC is in LA’s back yard?