Venom: Let there be Carnage

Well, since more than enough people turned up to watch the first one, a sequel was inevitable.

Hope it’s better.

Hmm, maybe I have deliberately blanked it out, but I don’t recall Woody Harrelson in the first movie?

I don’t either. Apparently it was a “mid-credits” scene. And now after reading it, I kind of remember.

Link to dialog in that scene.

The trailer seems nice enough. Once again, so weird to see Tom Hardy’s face in a movie.

So it has nothing to do with anything, in other words. Just a new plot thread to justify a new movie.

I’ll admit I know pretty much nothing about Venom, but this looks like a movie version of that videogame called Prototype from some years back.

I went into the first movie with low expectations and my son and I both ended up liking it, and I think this trailer has me excited to dive back in. Hopefully it gets an R rating.

No way, it’s totally The Darkness.

Actually yeah, I guess that makes more sense because the tentacled thing talked back to the guy. I guess ‘dude has weird tentacles that do their own thing’ is a fairly popular sub-genre.

I liked both these characters 30 years ago.
Hope the movie is as good as those comics were.

I’m going to avoid the trailer and let it be a surprise.

Symbiote/parasite being that acts like a costume from outer space.

In the books Venom went to jail and had a baby with his serial killer cellmate.

The character played by Woody Harrelson? Which of the two carried the baby to term?


I don’t even know what this means. Don’t all movies other than documentaries have “nothing to do with anything?”

I didn’t like Venom really at all, so I don’t really care about defending it, but, I mean, what sort of standard are you measuring this against?

I think that was specifically referring to the post-credit scene with Carnage. It was indeed purely sequel foreshadowing. It didn’t connect to the movie itself, and it wasn’t very entertaining since pretty much all they did was state the name of the C-tier villain they’d be using.

Oh, sorry, yeah, that is true.

He’s a higher tier than most of the villains in the MCU so far.
Tons of fans, full events dedicated to him and a bunch of limited series.
He even had his own Super Nintendo game.

That could’ve been a big thing if Venom 1 was a better movie.

I liked the first Venom with Tom Hardy.

I found it acceptable, as far as these movies go. I’ll watch the new one on a streaming service.

I don’t have super high hopes for a Carnage movie, but I’ll watch it. I can confirm we (the people) all thought Carnage was super awesome growing up.

I was just getting fed up with trying to keep up with comics, so Venom and Carnage both felt very lame-ass teenager edgy to me along with stuff like Spawn. I thought the Venom movie was okay for an early 2000’s style throwback comic book movie.