God, say it ain’t so.


I hope they include this iconic Venom scene:


Casting also is no simple matter. Topher Grace of “That '70s Show” fame played the character in the film, but Sony is not yet convinced the actor can carry a big “tentpole” picture.

… compared to Tobey Maguire?


Who HAS done it, and very well, at least once?


Before Spider-Man? I’m asking because I really can’t remember, was he a big deal before the first Spidey? Because if not, that’s sort of Derek’s point.


Wasn’t ‘The Cider House Rules’ before Spiderman?


The Ice Storm, Wonder Boys, motherfucking Pleasantville.


I haven’t seen all of those, but they certainly weren’t exactly blockbusters, were they? I think Derek’s point stands: Before Spider-Man, no one looked at Tobey MaGuire and thought “Summer movie box office gold!”

Now in Sony’s defense, Topher has been in a Spider-Man flick now, so if they still aren’t convinced of his “big tentpole picture” abilities, that carries a little more weight.


Cider House Rules was pretty successful - also won a number of prestigious awards (
He was a pretty major character in that.


maybe not “Summer movie box office gold!”, but at least a competent actor. Topher Grace is a competent actor but I don’t think he’s proved himself much outside of comedic roles.


Well, he was in Traffic and of course Spider-man 3, both were non-comedic.


Spider-Man 3 was non-comedic?


Alot of the acting was pretty bad in a funny way.


I guess Sony is really determined to make this a thing.


I guess they’re already done with the easy part where they point cameras at things, now they’ve got until October to make some computers put Venom into the Venom movie:


Yeah that’s Tom Hardy alright. WTF is Sony doing?


LOL you guys with so little patience. The movie is coming out in October. I would assume we’ll get our first glimpse of Venom in a full trailer attached to a summer blockbuster.


Why have any trailer at all until then? This is a bad trailer.


I want a supercut of “establishing shots of the golden gate bridge”, it would be 100+ hours long.


How do you do Venom in the same universe as Spider-Man without Spider-Man in the movie? How will they explain an alien goo that gives him the powers of Spider-Man?

The only plausible explanation is that Peter finds the symbiote in Infinity War.