Yeah. I feel like the backstory of the symbiote isn’t enough to hold up a movie. Without Spiderman it feels like it could be any antihero movie, despite it being Venom.

I was really excited because I love Tom Hardy and Venom, but the more I see of what they’re doing with this movie the more bummed I am. It would be awesome to get a good Spiderman movie with Venom, Carnage, etc.


Yep, looks pretty terrible and he’s back to being almost intelligible in either persona (Eddie / Venom). I thought after Bane they’d learned their lesson. Not sure what that slurry accent is supposed to be? Boston? Thug? (please forgive my ignorance, I’m not from the US)


Assuming that this is the same trailer as I saw in the previews this weekend before Mission Impossible, I thought this was a movie about the game “The Darkness”. There’s a sequel too. I loved both those games. The darkness is trying to take control, and our protagonist is resisting, trying to get the Darkness to only use its power for good, not evil.


Sony is making the DC Cinematic Universe folly with these movies. They want a piece of the sweet MCU pie, and aren’t doing the work they need to get it. This is like the 6 Minute Abs of movie making.

Spiderman’s universe needs years of buildup to make these spin-offs work. And honestly, Venom isn’t even that cool on his own, and he’s the best of the lot. He’s very much a product of the 90s anti-hero craze. He works alongside Spiderman, on his own he’s boring.


Yeah, he was designed as a foil for Spiderman, and works best that way. There’s a reason Carnage has never been particularly compelling.


As a kid I had a comic from the McFarlane days that starts with Peter coming home from a long run as Spider-Man, battered and exhausted, and finding Eddie Brock at his house helping Aunt May hang the laundry. And he was like “oh fuck he knows everything about me because the symbiote knows”. So to protect Aunt May, he had to agree to a duel with Venom, and he got his ass kicked because his spider-sense didn’t work. It was a great comic, and I never got the followup. I assume Spider-Man survived.

The movie won’t do this because there’s no Spider-Man.


I’d probably watch this version of the movie though. (Never fails to amuse me.)


Venom as a creation in the comics during that time was incredible.

He was amazing because of what came before. Spider-Man’s use of the alien costume, slow realization that something about it was odd, and eventual discovery of its true nature made for great storytelling. It was simply too good to be true, as it seemed the moment he received it on the Beyonder’s world. When he went to the Fantastic Four and Reed was examining it… well, that’s all burned into my memory because I was in full on fan OMG mode. Again, it was great storytelling at the time.

In the first issue of Web of Spider-Man, when the symbiote comes back, well that was just as awesome. It really set the stage for Venom. It sure seemed like he had finally rid himself of the costume once and for all. Issues later, when Spidey would have these moments where his fundamental spider-sense wasn’t working but he knew something was off… that created an amazing sense of dread for a character who always seemed in control. Suddenly, he could have a real sense of the unknown. Venom’s appearance, as created by Michelinie and McFarlane, was absolutely amazing at that point. Here was the costume, paired with someone parallel to Peter for years who had a beef that was again, well written into the story of Spider-Man, who pretty much seemed like his greatest possible foe! As @wallapuctus notes, the symbiote knew everything and Brock hated him.

Take all of that away, and there’s just no venom to Venom. While the character and the costume and its offspring have made for some good stories (I liked Carnage when he first appeared…), and I’m totally fine with the anti-hero in general, it’s Venom as misguided angry hateful creature that allows all the rest to happen. In this film, you will have none of that, and it can’t possibly hold up.

They could’ve co-opted the Secret Wars story and put it into Infinity War tbh. Have the Iron Spider suit get destroyed and find a way for him to gain the symbiote. Play that out in another Spider-Man film. Use what you have that made the character so great in the first place… but that’s not Sony’s style. It’s a mess.


Agreed with all of that.

I also always felt there was a little bit of pathos to the Parker/Symbiote relationship. It always felt that, if Peter had just been a little more chill, or the symbiote had somehow been a little more up-front about it’s true nature, it could have worked out with them. Its a blood-oath hatred, all stemming from what was, essentially, a misunderstanding, and an almost inevitable one given the nature of the characters.


The symbiote is an angry lover. It ultimately wants to join with Peter again which is why Venom never kills him. I think that even came up in the comics once, Parker was like “fine I’ll take you back” and it slithered off Brock and he was all “wtf” and Peter was like “psyche!”


I’m seeing this advertised like crazy here. Just curious if anyone saw it and how it turned out?


Tom Hardy, taking a bold approach to promoting a film, told an interviewer his favorite scenes were cut from Venom.

"When asked “What was your favourite scene to film?” he replied: “Things that aren’t in this movie.”

The Taboo star continued: “There are like 30 to 40 minutes worth of scenes that aren’t in this movie… all of them. Mad puppeteering scenes, dark comedy scenes. You know what I mean? They just never made it in.”



It’s not out yet, and judging from the lack of official reviews, there is either an embargo or even industry folks haven’t seen it yet.


Or they want to limit the bad press so that they get at least one good weekend out of it before the word-of-mouth kicks in…


Initial impressions dropped last night. It’s… not great.


From the comments, it sounds kind of like it’s on par with the Nick Cage Ghost Rider movies? Which…were fine for what they were, but I’m assuming the studio expected Spider-man numbers rather than Ghost Rider numbers/


Here’s hoping a disappointing Venom only strengthens Marvel’s leverage in whatever partnership they have with Sony.


While you are probably right, that’s just a ridiculous expectation for them to set.

Agree 100% on this.

Whoever thought a stand alone Venom film without any Spider-man is bad at making good choices.


It’s as bad as a hypothetical Joker movie with no Batman. Good thing no one is making that!


LOL well played. And also the truest thing I’ll hear today, I’m sure.