Oh, I did forget about the scene with the paramedic that sets up why Riot is on his mission.

Still, it’s not that I wanted a scientist to announce that they have different personalities (although that could’ve actually been handled well) it’s that there is still no evidence at all that the symbioties and the hosts have any kind of “mental coexistence”, that’s what I’m trying to get at with personalities. None of the other victims—including Riot’s—mention voices, or in any way indicate there’s anything going on more dynamic than the alien completely and totally taking control of their bodies until Venom and Eddie suddenly show this totally different relationship.


Just saw this last night. Whatever you do, make sure to stay until the very end of the credits! Best surprise of the year!

Edit: I’m also amazed (read: horrified) at the trailers that came out promoting this movie. One of the scenes in the trailer is the final scene of the movie. Like the entire scene! Terrible! I just need to avoid all trailers from now on. I’m already disappointed by how much they’re giving away in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailers.


There was a large amount of dialogue–multiple times–saying that it’s like an organ donor, where the symbiote has to find a compatible host in order to work together. With Venom, he was taking over people and just burning them out until he got to Eddie, who happened to be that compatible host and they could work together. With Riot (the other symbiote), he was taking them over, burning them out, then jumping to the next body as soon as he could. He didn’t find a compatible host until the head scientist guy.


Just playing devil’s advocate here: How are they supposed to do that in the movies without a four- or five-movie series of stories? Because what made it work in the comic was the slow buildup over time (much like Phoenix), but you can’t really do that in the movies. And even if you do introduce the black suit at some point, now people are just waiting for Venom to show up.

What I’m saying is: Is it possible to introduce a new character without having the years and years of slow buildup (like showing the Winter Soldier in Captain America’s third movie appearance), or do the movies have to do it the same way as the comics or not at all?


Evil Spider-Man makes no sense in a world without Spider-Man.

At least have Spider-Man in the movie.



Saw this today on a whim.

About as stupid as I thought it would be, but way less terrible than I feared it would be.


As Wallapuctus notes having evil spiderman without actual spiderman seems a bit stupid. So why not remove the marvel branding and this would have been a perfectly adequate super hero movie. I assume they are leaving their options open to have them meet but I wonder if that’s likely now that spidey is very much in the MCU.

Did they run out of money and ideas for the final battle, it was just a mess.


Well, that too.


Damn. I was hoping the lukewarm reception would kill any chance of a sequel but it might live on thanks to…China?


I think it already qualified as sequel-worthy prior the China launch since the then-box office haul hadn’t been too shabby either.


Guess those Venom-Boyfriend ads worked.


I watched the first two thirds of Venom last night. I was very pleasantly surprised. The movie kept moving fast and Tom Hardy makes for an excellent ordinary/depressed every-man who is way out of his depth. I think this is the first movie I’ve seen where Tom Hardy plays the main role and his face isn’t hidden behind anything for most of the movie. I finally know what the guy looks like now.

I hope the last 3rd of the movie is decent. I’ll catch that tonight after putting the kiddo to bed.


May I suggest Locke?


Watch it in the passenger seat of your car for maximum immersion.


I saw the last third of the movie. Not bad. Nothing big, but nothing that spoiled the rest of the movie. Overall a pretty good movie. I hope we see more of Venom.

Now I hope we get to see some of those deleted scenes that were Tom Hardy’s favorite scenes in the movie.

There was nothing at the end of the credits that I saw. Just a scene near the beginning of the credits where Eddie visits some unknown person in prison, a scene that meant nothing to me.

What was originally at the end of the credits?


This movie is just the proof of why Marvel needs to claw back all their rights ASAP. It wasn’t Ghost Rider bad, but it was certainly in the Fantastic Four region.

Besides, we already saw this story for years in the form of Dexter on Showtime, didn’t we? A serial killer who only kills bad guys was interesting for a bit, but it’s been done.


An extended clip from Into the Spider-verse.


Not a great film, but it was quite fun. I have zero attachment to Venom comics, but I enjoyed the character tied with Hardy here, their interaction was fun. I thought the “on my planet, I am loser like you” angle was surprisingly funny. 7/10

Upgrade is of course thousand times better and made with tiny fraction of Venom’s budget.


I was OK when I first saw this in the theaters, but upon a rewatch, I was doing so much groans and finally abandoned it with about 30 minutes to go.

The breaking point for me was when he breaks into his old bosses high rise and when he exits the elevator a larger squad than Neo had to face in the Matrix and a larger squad than Arnold had in the cemetery was there.

Then as they leave the building, a drone appears out of nowhere to track them? Really?

These types of coincidences pop up all over (even in the earlier chase scene with the drones).

I liked Tom Hardy. I liked venom, I just hate the screenwriting.