Verisign fucks up domain system

Type in a completely random .NET or .COM domain right now.

What you’ll probably see is Verisign’s search page.

Basically, Verisign has decided to redirect all non-existent domain to its own search page, for obvious reason.

Versign, a private company entrusted by the US Government with running .NET and .COM has decided to break many things, ignore RFCs, and basically, fuck up lots of behind-the-scenes things that everyone relies on so that they can get a bunch of hits on their search page.

Thanks Verisign! Hooray for giving critical infrastruture control to unregulated companies!

I’ve had to block this page at the firewall - it was fucking up e-mail address checking etc, since a lot of it relies on NOT getting a valid hit from Verisign from a bogus domain.

Fucking Verisign.

I’m anti-Verisign also, but could you explain how unpurchased .net and .org domains are “critical infrastructure”?

The problem is that many services, like say, spam blocking systems, check to see if a domain exists before doing things like throwing away email.

Verisign now says “all domains exist!” This is a drastic change from previous behavior at one of the fundamental levels (name resolution) of the internet.

Yeah, it’s an incredible businessy way-things-are-done violation. I don’t think the RFC explicitly says “the root server won’t return an A entry for non-existant domains”, but it’s pretty damn implied.

Good for a laugh

I typed in
and got that very thing… what a bunch of morons… oh well… it’s tempory problem right? right?


Thankfully, my ISP patched Sitefinder out of existence.

For everyone in Northern California, check out They’re good people.

Pretty evil behavior. Welcome to capitalism.

So ICANN actually has a little bit of backbone in them. Verisign has backed down for now, although this isn’t finished by a longshot.

linky link

“Without so much as a hearing, ICANN today formally asked us to shut down the Site Finder service,” said VeriSign spokesman Tom Galvin. “We will accede to their request while we explore all of our options.”

Sure, after all VeriSign launched their service with 6 days notice and refusal to admit issues or problems or if they even had a right to do it. F’ them, they don’t own the Internet.



“There is no data to indicate the core operation of the domain name system or the stability of the Internet has been adversely affected,”

Riiiiiight. How about the thousands of IT Depts. that lost their spam filtering ability because domains always resolve now?


I just tried nutsak’s fake URL (above) and I still get the Verislime search page.

It takes time for these things to go into (or out of) effect.

I just tried nutsak’s fake URL (above) and I still get the Verislime search page.[/quote]

Do you feel lame typing “nutsak”?

Doh! I did it too :(

Nah, I copied and pasted :) . Anyone missing the good old days can try this invalid URL

I just tried nutsak’s fake URL (above) and I still get the Verislime search page.[/quote]

Do you feel lame typing “nutsak”?

Doh! I did it too :([/quote]

LOL! … it’s more fun playing Natural Selection when an ONOS eats you and you remind them of your nickname…
“dude, do you realise that you’re eating nutsak right now??”
… BUAH… best nickname ever!