Verizon finally makes a good sized DVR

Not sure if anyone is really interested by my Verizon door to door guy came by for a visit last nite. He shows up every few months and I tell him the same story- 20 hours of HD and 80 of SD recording is not enough for me…come back when it is bigger.

So he shows up last night and apparently the new DVRs are in. 80 hours of HD and 350ish of SD recording on the boxes being released this week.

So I signed up!

I get all the channels, a lot of on demand stuff, my phone and my internet rolled into one bill. (I currently have the phone and internet fios service and DirectTV for my TV.)

A couple of things- my internet will be upped from 10/2 to…catch this, 25/25! That is nuts. And with all the discounts I am paying 115/month for a year and 135 for the second and that basically saves me about 65 dollars per month on what I am spending now for all 3 services.

Not bad.