Verizon wireless phone question

While I really want to get an iPhone, the service in my area stinks…and my Verizon service really is fantastic.

So does anyone know if any of the Verizon phones come equipped with WiFi? I don’t think they do from what I have seen but maybe I missed something.


I think they have a few. My Samsung i760 (which I really like) does have Wi-Fi, along with 3G speed over the cell network and a real keyboard. Only things the iPhone has on it are thickness and a 21st Century user interface.

There are two models with it currently, the HTC xv6800 and the Samsung i760. The Treo’s and the XV6900 can only do wifi with an add-in card. I have the i760, but I surely wish we had the iPhone as an option. :(

As a whole, the wifi in use is nice, and the Windows Mobile 6 browser is nice too. However they can be a bit finiky to set up. There is also no auto fit or shrink/grow option on the browser that would help substantially with reading. Compare this with the iPhone, which has very easy to work with wireless connection screen, and probably the best browser I’ve ever used in a mobile device. I’ve had no problem reading, shrinking, or expanding anything so that I can see it perfectly and it’s all done with light touches, instead of a mixture of cramped buttons and a stylus, and sometimes a finger tap.

I’m a huge Verizon fan but I was extremely tainted after trying an iPhone. It’s a wonderful device. Verizon needs to work hard to get it integrated once the exclusivity clause opens up from AT&T.

Is Verizon’s internet service still considered to be good? I’m moving in a couple of weeks and trying to decide what kind of broadband to use. Comcast is available, and I think Verizon is also available in my area. Should I go with Verizon?

EDIT: FiOS is NOT available, but the regular DSL service is.

Hey thanks guys…I have been digging thru their site and could never come up with an answer.

I really wish that ATT had service that was even marginal at my house-- I just get -0- signal which prompted my move to Verizon several years ago…plus all the relatives have it so free calls etc…

Anyway thanks for the scoop- I shall look at the phones.

As for broadband- I have used Verizon DSL for about 7 years now and have never had a problem that lasted for more than an hour and even then probably only 3 or 4 times during the entire time I have used it.

Walter if you don’t have to have wifi and you’re fine with just broadband internet via Verizon the XV6900 is the coolest new form factor. Very sleek and small, not clunky like most of the other PDA/Smartphones. Cruise by a Verizon store and check it out.

And I’m right there with you on coverage. Verizon is rock solid where I work and AT&T is marginal. I’ll be moving offices soon though so I’m really tempted to break contract and head to AT&T.

Well, since I could only get the 3.0MBs DSL, I went with cable (which will give me 15 MBS). The price was similar, though the Cable will cost me $10 more per month for the extra power. Still, I could have gotten 7.5 for the same price as the DSL.