“Versus” is the kind of term that plays havoc with searching for previous threads, you know.

I recently rented this via Netflix. The thing about Netflix and I is that I keep a very long queue, and add to it and shuffle it in bursts. So I frequently get movies in the mail that I only dimly remember actually queueing up. I think this is a big factor in just how fond I now am of this little zombie-samurai-gangster flick–I get my mail, open up the latest envelope and think, “Huh, ‘Versus’. I don’t remember anything about why I ordered this. It’s probably from my overwrought metaphorical artsy-fartsy foreign drama burst addition some months back.”

Thinking this, I settled in a couple nights later to watch. And, well…suffice it to say that artsy-fartsy drama is pretty much exactly what Versus isn’t. The experience was like going in to watch Evil Dead II and initially expecting, without much enthusiasm, a psychological thriller and instead seeing…Evil Dead II.

One of the best bad movies I’ve seen lately, and one of the few rentals that made me immediately turn around and order a copy for my personal library. You really can’t go wrong with throwing Yakuza and zombies and undead samurai sorcerers into a blender, hitting the ice-crush button, and filming the result.

I recently saw it too. My first thought was WTF?

I’m gonna fight you guys, truce, fight zombies like it’s normal. fight with you guys again, notice that zombies are a bit weird, and continue to fight some more.

Then the cop tracking them, bragging about everything… WTF?

I think a drinking game could be made everytime someone in the movie does something a bit incomprehensible.

It was like the movie version of a fighting game, except that movie versions of fighting games all star Jean-Claude van Damme and suck.


It makes a little bit more sense the second or third time you see it (maybe even the ending makes sense). The first time I saw it, I didn’t have a clue what was going on and I was a bit weirded out that a film that was so intrinsically mindless could be so hard to follow.

The thing that doesn’t make sense no matter how many times you see it is the “upgrade” his sword has at the very end.