Very Dumb iPad question

Apparently Darkest Dungeon isn’t working quite right on my iPad and it was suggested I delete it and reinstall. But as far as I recall, if I delete the app, won’t it delete my game saves too? If so, how would I save the data and do a re-install without losing my saves?

I am a fish out of water with iOS.

Not a dumb question, they don’t make it obvious.

It most likely saves to iCloud. Go into the game and find settings and look to double check. When you delete the game it will most likely ask if you want to delete saved game data. Say no.

It might even save to the Files app. Open the app and see if you see it. If so, you can copy it. That’s not common for games in my experience though.

In my experience even if it doesn’t ask to delete data, it will save it. Almost every app I have reinstalled, saved the data.

Awesome thank you. I double checked and it is backed up to my iCloud so I’m deleting the app now and re-installing. Hopefully it fixes it!

Oh crap. Now it wants me to re-buy all my DLC? How do I get that back?

There should be a Restore Purchases button. Or if you try to rebuy it, it should say “Oh you already own this! Downloading it now.”

Whew. In the ipad they have 2 icons that meshed right into the graphics, so you didn’t even know they were clickable. Were just part of the imagery. Thank you! Into the dungeon we go ;)

Yeah, I find stuff like this on my iPad all the time. The iOS world has some great stuff in it, but sometimes you have to wonder about the human engineering with some apps.

Did it fix your problem @jpinard? Is the game stable?

The reason I don’t buy big games on iOS is that developers don’t seem to support them after release and the OS updates tend to break them. At least with the big publishers. Hopefully, that is not the case with DD.

So much this. When I got my first iPad long ago, I bought a bunch of games–“cool, portable games that don’t suck!”–only to find some time later that most of them were no longer accessible, much less playable.

Nope. Districts are totally broken on iPad.

I just looked up the reviews for it. Sounds like it was a quick conversion and then left to die. Didn’t even do proper touch controls.

After one of the iPad updated, Darkest Dungeon didn’t work for at least a month. It would boot up to the title screen and then immediately go back to the iPad Home Screen. It was extraordinarily frustrating.