Very small, portable TVs?

Are there TVs out there that are specifically designed to be small and portable, and receive over the air signals via antenna and tuner? i.e. Something with a 4" to 10" screen or so?

Alternatively, is there an easy way to turn a netbook or the like into a portable TV showing over the air channels?

Yes. Those 7-10" screens you buy for cars or just to bring on holidays are also available with antennas - Philips make a bunch (but there’s a lot of brands).

But an USB tv-tuner with a small antenna for your netbook/laptop can be bought for next to nothing if you go noname (we recently gave them away to new subscribers) and somewhat more expensive if you want a good brand like Hauppauge.

Just to offer the same service:

How good is the signal on these sort of things? I remember using over the air when I was a kid/teen and it was pretty dodgy reception on most channels. I have heard the new digital signal is much better i/r/t over the air, but haven’t tried it myself.

If you get a clear signal, it’s perfect. If you don’t, it’ll be choppy and pixelated. But static is a thing of the past. It’s essentially all-or-nothing.