Vestaria Saga: Fire Emblem for PC

Did you know that the creator of Fire Emblem released a game that’s kinda like Fire Emblem for PC?

20% off right now on Steam and GOG.

Supposed to be the first in a series, but who knows if enough people bought it for that to happen. (Or if enough people bought it in English for the sequel to be localized.)

So, doing my part.

Oh nice - didn’t realize it got translated. If you can read Japanese this is actually freeware that you can pick up here

I realise it! I have it, I have even played it. I am just a couple scenarios in and so far it is very much delivering Fire Emblem vibes from the tactical combat and story. Critical for me to play on is that so far the story and characters, whilst not Darkest Dungeon gritty or mature or such, are at least not saccharine caricatures.

I picked it up as well, but haven’t had a chance to dive in.

I also grabbed it last week. I tried to start it today but it was more than a bit cranky with controller support over Remote Play… will have to try to figure it out since I’m pretty much a lock to love it. Will be back if and when I can get it to play nice.

The Steam sale is over but the GOG sale still on, until when, unsure, GOG does not appear to present sale end dates.