Vice Principals: HBO and Danny McBride ride again


Trailer is out


Ooh, Walter Goggins!


I knew this was coming only because I looked up Goggins on IMDB to see what his next project might be. The trailer more than lived up to what I hoped for! I don’t have HBO though, so I hope I can catch this somewhere eventually.


Walton Goggins?!? Sold!


You can always let them run the series and then get HBO Go for a month and binge-watch it.


Anyone watch Season 2?

I have them all on the DVR waiting for me to find time. I was not aware this was a 2 season series total.


Aw, shit. I was totally watching it and then it fell off my radar probably 4 or 5 episodes in, now I’ve cancelled my HBO account having finished Veep finally, forgetting to finish Veep until just now when I saw this thread get bumped. I’m double annoyed since it was a wrap on the series, so an easy one to enjoy/finish up. Maybe I’ll have to re-sub again, give me a chance to watch Westworld finally, too, but the reason I dropped HBO was all the TV going on at the moment, plus lots of great stuff on Netflix I’m behind on. Too much great TV!


A couple of great episodes in the middle, but it sort of petered out by the time it was over. I imagine the finale looked great on paper, but it fell kind of flat in the execution. I mean, a tiger chewing through a high school? How can you go wrong with that?

But, really, what redeemed the whole season for me was a) Walton Goggins, of course. I love watching him run his character through the wringer. The episode with his sisters was an example of what this show should be. b) Edi Patterson knocked it out of the park! Someone get this woman more work. Put her in big-time Hollywood movies. Give her and Kate McKinnon a buddy movie or something.



Yeah the episode with his sisters was great. That felt like a snapshot of the series, that back and forth whiplash of emotions between hating them and feeling sorry for them.