Victor Frankenstein - Harry Potter and Professor X build a monster

Check the trailer for the callback to Young Frankenstein.

Paul McGuigan (Push) directing. Written by Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra).

Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy.

Young Frankenstein callback good.
Rest of trailer bad.

Nah, looks great!

I quite like McAvoy and Radcliffe though.

I enjoyed what McAvoy was doing but the writing is pretty bad in this movie and I was unimpressed with Radcliffe’s performance. It’s only made 5 million domestically and 19 million overseas. At this point it seems highly unlikely it’s going to make back it’s $40 million budget.

Ha ha, you saw Victor Frankenstein! :)


It was the back end of a double feature with The Good Dinosaur. Not the most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. My Krampus/Creed double feature this weekend was considerably more enjoyable.