Victoria 2

Anyone else planning to pick this up? I think we all know the track record of Paradox release titles (See Hearts of Iron 3), but as I’m having an absolute blast with that title and it’s Semper Fi expansion, I’ve decided to take the plunge on Victoria 2 and be the Qt3 guinea pig!

I think this game’s release will be better than HOI3, but that’s not saying much. I’m still expecting bugs, crashes, and MP desyncs until the second patch or later, but given that they’ve contracted an external QA group and that they’re doing a public MP game on July 28th (for locals), I hope it will be an improvement over previous efforts.

Victoria 2, I think, has the potential to be my favorite Paradox title yet. A lot of the improvements they’ve made in this game seem to have already been incorporated in EU3: Heir to the Throne (specific war goals, Spheres of Influence, etc) where they were used to good effect. I’m interested to see how they do with a new game designed from the ground up with those features in mind.

Here’s a rather interesting AAR from a first-time player learning the ropes as France.

So, anyone else interested in this?

I’m always interested, but Paradox has had a significant gap between their design goals and a working set of game mechanics in all their titles the past couple of years.

I enjoyed just goofing around with trying to take a few different countries through industrialization in Vicky, but I probably won’t have the dedication to dive into V2 seriously, so maybe in a few years when it’s cheap and patched up.

Barring amazing, thunderstruck, absolutely glowing reviews, not a chance in hell. Paradox has officially lost me as a fan.

With the release coming soon, I’m starting to look more closely but haven’t done much as of yet. However, the setting doesn’t appeal to me and the first Victoria is probably the Paradox game that I put the least amount of time into. So I doubt I will end up getting it at release. But who knows - I haven’t bought a new game in months and sometimes I’m easily caught up in the hype. ;-)

Interested, but as mentioned, they normally take 5 patches to make playable, so i never buy them on release, i’ll give it a few patches and months then grab it.

I’m actually looking more forward to Vicky 2 than any other game. Maybe even moreso than Starcraft 2, honestly.

I know I should probably wait for a price drop and a few patches, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out. I like the time period and I quite enjoyed the original.

I was waiting for a thread to be made on this one. I never played Victoria 1 (wasn’t into paradox at the time), but after following the developer diaries I just can’t believe how close this is to my ideal game. Although objectively I know that I should wait a month or two for the worst bugs to be ironed out, I don’t think i’ll be able to resist. The game really looks great, it appears to have all of the internal politics and economics that EU3 lacked and HOI imitated inadequately.

Waiting for the third patch of the second expansion.

As has become the rule with Paradox games, I’ll grab it either after the first expansion or after I hear that it’s been patched so it worked properly.

I’m looking forward to a functional Vicky 2, though.

I have made a comic to celebrate how this thread, like all threads about paradox in QT3, is brilliant.

Victoria with the Revolutions expansion is still my favorite Paradox game. Thankfully, my August is going to be very busy so I think I’ll be able to hold off for at least one patch before picking up the game. Won’t last much longer than that. Not sure I’ll be leaving my computer early fall with Elemental, Vicky2, and Civ5 all coming out within about a month of each other.

Hopefully all of the tedious micromanagement they seem to have been aware of going into this one is properly removed. If so, I think the Vicky model is perfect for those people who want a strategy game where fighting is just one tool available to your nation rather than the whole purpose.

I’m also excited to see what OHgamer and crew will be able to do with this game.

That’s the exact same Fall lineup I’ve got as well. Good thing I have three and a half weeks of vacation time to burn!

And Timsfker, nice comic.

That’s hilarious Timsfker, lol.


As for Victoria 2, well, maybe after a few patches. And expansions. And mods. :-)

Haha, guilty as charged, Timsfker. I even closed down the AAR after getting a couple of posts down! But my opinion stands.

As much as I wanted to like Victoria 1, the POP system was entirely too finicky for my tastes. It’s looking like that has been addressed with Victoria 2, so I’m reservedly interested.

Please convince me why I shouldn’t buy this. I haven’t bought a Paradox game since EU2.

Not sure what you mean, really, but I’m going to assume you are being literal and want to be talked out of buying the game. Aside from the already mentioned Paradox release traditions, I’d also point to the fact that the Victoria series is a lot more about internal economic, political, and social issues then other Paradox titles. The first game, at least, seemed to require a lot more management of those aspects then other Paradox titles. So if that’s not your thing, you may feel overwhelmed by those details. The linked AAR seems to show that in spades. This isn’t a title where you will spend most of your time moving armies around. While EU isn’t just a military game, the social, economic, and political stuff is more abstracted and you have a comparatively simple colonial system.