Victoria 2

This is Paradox crown jewel in their series, Victoria is absolutely without compromise, if your brain groans after an evening of bejewled you can just as well skip this. If you however are willing to sink hours after hours into this to understand the mechanics, then you got a masterpiece.

Well done.

I’m going to play a pacifist liberal democratic Russia as my first game it’s going to be great.

Assuming the mechanics fucking work right, you elitist prick.

Atleast they seem to model supply and demand on the world market now so you can’t get wealthy by flooding the world with luxury furniture that no one wants to buy.

Yeah, I was being literal. I’m going to wait for the inevitable Paradox patches before I consider picking it up. I might actually grab EU3 and the expansions since it seems to be a much better game now. Although I don’t know, my brain groans after an evening of Monkey Lander.

Hey Kalle, calm down man.

We’ll just say I’m buy-curious on this one. I’ll be playing EU3 complete which just got on Steam for 14.99 to see if I’m ready.

Nah, don’t calm down. That post deserved it.

You can say that again.

I’m quite okay with some games just not going for the mass appeal, I like the fact that you could do so much in this game without killing half your neighbors for example.

Games like Anno 1404 gives you the ability to be a trader, but if you want to play a game of social mobility in the industrial age, there is only one.

I have to say, I find the prevailing wisdom about Victoria a bit baffling, as I found it much easier to play than Europa Universalis.

It’s probably because deep strategy games are my favorite titles and have been for decades (I cut my gaming teeth on Avalon Hill), but I’ve never found any Paradox game to be particularly difficult.

There is only one for a very good reason. ;-) Though we’ll have to see what Ageod’s similar game offers when it comes out next year or whenever.

As for Victoria 2, I’ve spent some time reading comments and looking at the AAR’s (the second one is hard to follow since the linked screenshots are all disabled due to excessive bandwith) and rather then be excited about the game, I find myself thinking about playing EU3.

I will wait until a compilation pack is released. In a retail box. By then it should be fully patched and ready to play.

Considering the apparently limited planned availability of the game at this point, I’m not sure that we will see a compilation box. Even Steam, which has generally offered Paradox titles, does not currently list it. The official sticky thread at Paradox indicates this game isn’t getting a very wide release.

A compilation download is another issue.

But looking around, it’s pretty amazing how quickly HOI3 dropped in price. You can buy the core game for under $10 on Amazon less then a year after release. It makes buying their games at launch harder to justify.

I don’t think even Paradox expect Victoria to every recoup its costs. I respect the work they do to make stuff happen, and when I now play Hoi 3 with the SF addon it really comes together, the wait…1 year worth it…HELL YES.

I remember 10-15 years ago, had nothing like this, best we got was some boardgames with 300-1000 counters on, messy to the unplayable…then comes Paradox.

Do I want to play Victoria 2, yes, will I have time…I doubt it, the first installment took ages to learn and I forgotten most now…but for those who wants this experience, this is a priceless chance.

Why do you assume it isn’t getting a very wide release? Steam often don’t list things in their pre-order section, but add the game once it is released. In fact, if memory serves I don’t think they’ve ever done a pre-order for a paradox game. It is likely going to be added to impulse or steam at release or shortly following release. I believe it’s because paradox get more money from each sale at gamersgate, so if people are pre-ordering it they would prefer if it was done through them (of course that’s just my opinion).

I’m not talking about preorders, I’m talking about Steam not even listing it in it’s coming soon section. HOI3 was listed on Steam ahead of time. And as I noted above, Steam isn’t even listed on the official “where to buy the game” thread on the official Paradox forums. Instead they list Gamersgate, Amazon, and several European-only retailers. Unlike HOI3, where even Walmart carried the game for awhile.

That may all change, but as of now that’s where we’re at and that is a less in terms of distribution then their last game (HOI3). Given that the CEO of Paradox publically stated when Victoria 2 was announced that he did not expect it to make money for them, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if they didn’t bother to push the distribution to the same level as the HOI series, which has a pretty good sales history (relatively speaking.)

I meant the coming soon section. Our memory must be different, but most paradox games and expansions are never listed there. A moderator on the Vic2 forum also said “(only gamersgate listed at the moment)”. I really don’t think there’s anything there to suppose this isn’t being pushed as hard as Hearts of Iron 3. Oh well.

What possible purpose could “limited planned availability” have in world where digital distribution is near-mainstream?

We’re not talking about a Japanese-style limited edition here with a giant plush Vicky and a pewter Crystal Palace. Restricting the distribution of a digital product won’t increase the demand for it.