Victoria 3

Just announced! Announcement trailer here:

More details to come, I’m sure.

Just came here to post it:

This is the only Paradox grand strategy game series I never got into. I wonder if this one will finally do it for me?

Martin Anward is one of my favorite designers over at Paradox. I’m really looking forward to seeing his vision for Victoria 3.

They need a collector’s edition that comes with Martin’s top hat.

Now what will the go to be for joking speculation on thier next project?

Anyhow, woo! Vicky 3!

Sengoku 2 when??

I’ve not played the others, but I wish them luck. If this isn’t the bestest game ever right out of the gate, they are going to be hurting because the hype for this has always seemed close to pre-release Cyberpunk levels.

Good question. Returning to Imperator: Rome, maybe? Though, I agree with Kevin, Sengoku 2 when? Give that setting and period the proper love it deserves rather than just being a tech demo for Crusader Kings II.

You mean Imperator: Rome? ;)

Nah, that one is dead, alas.

I’m the same, I’ve bounced off Vicky 2 a couple of times. But I hope this time around is able to grab me.

So it’s pretty clear from the screenshots that the world market has been broken up into regional markets. Excited to see how that works. Also “Buildings” in provinces that I’m guessing are separate from factory infrastructure? I need details!

All the better to meme with then surely? Haha.

Nice simple thread title, great!

I’m curious how they will change the design fundamentals. Vicky is such a different game. Whatever they do, more emphasis on diplomacy and transportation networks! Get some RRT into my grand strategy please!

You could pretty much tell from the period when Martin was in charge of Stellaris that he really wanted to make Victoria 3. I think he probably learned a lot from the Stellaris experience and got to start with a clean slate as well.

The PC Gamer preview mentioned more emphasis on diplomacy this time around, so at least that. We’ll see what happens on the transportation/infrastructure side. The regional market screenshots show limited trade routes between them, so that may factor in? I like the added interest groups to further bolster the political side of your populace. Also super curious what the tech system looks like this time through.

Also! Multiple ticks per day, so somewhere between HOIs hourly ticks and the daily ticks of every other game. I’d guess morning, afternoon, evening, night?

EDIT: Realized right after I posted this that the number of ticks might have hints in the screenshots. Sure enough

Yeah, I’ve had my suspicions that’s what he left Stellaris to go work on ever since one Christmas break he and another dev released a new patch for Victoria 2 in their free time. I thought he was probably down in that code learning how everything worked in Vicky 2 to get ready to work on the sequel.

Plus, I mean, there was the Victorian Secrets dating game he’s been working on. :)