Victoria 3

I feel the same way. The thing is, I’m not sure if it’s because there’s something to the design of Victoria that appeals to me or if Paradox and I have simply moved past each other since the Vicky II/EU III days.

Agree. We’ll find out.

This is probably not a game I’ll play but I’m just here to thank @KevinC for the thread title.

All good Pops go to um… sequel?

Reading the reddit thread, this still stands out as a possible concern. There is no world market, but local markets, and transportation infrastructure definitely plays a role in how efficiently goods travel across the market (and in input/export between markets?):

Services are a non-tradeable good, so they cannot leave your home market. Access to services is based on Infrastructure. So for example, you might have lots of services being produced in New York, but if you don’t build railroads out to California, the people in California will have very little or no access to those services (and goods from California won’t be able to get to market efficiently) even though both states are in the US market. Until you have better infrastructure, you’ll have to rely on producing most things locally.

This doesn’t sound quite right to me though. Like if services are produced in California and there isn’t good connection between east and west coast US, maybe they should be separate markets? Wouldn’t a large empire naturally have many local markets?

Edit: What does it mean by producing locally? Like California can consume services and other goods it produces, even if they can’t move to the market efficiently? I guess States can consume locally made stuff.

If they can actually pull off half of what is in that Reddit info dump it will be amazing.

From the reddit thread:

Full POPs like Victoria 2. Over a billion people are modeled individually, which will roughly double by game end, including Dependents. These represent non-working children and homemakers. Your laws, i.e. Child Labor laws, determine how much economic output your Dependents create and if they collect wages. So like, kids will still be counted as Dependents, but your wages from Dependents might go up (along with mortality rate.)

Stellaris chugs once it gets above 10k pops I believe. 2 billion sounds like they must have a much better abstraction, much better multicore use, or magic.

Its not 2 billion pops but 2 billion people. Pops in Victoria are variable size and can represent several million IIRC.

But yeah, performance is a concern. But I think Stellaris is quite bad at this. Way too many optimization all the time.

Good catch on that wording, that makes a lot more sense.

Wow so excited for this. The only other game I wished it to be was a Cold War simulation, but I will take Vic 3 happily.

The Diplomatic Plays system sounds really interesting.

It is also interesting that they are abstracting away from political parties, instead the interest groups in your country have an ideology which can change over time. If they pull it off, I think it will work well, and prevent the thing in Vic 2 where communists will exogenously grow in your country through events. This way, the evolution could be more organic and pop-based.

VIC is definitely the hardest game series to pull off well, even more so than the CK series. I don’t envy Wiz’s job in making this great and satisfying the hardcore fan base, but of all the Pdox employees I know I am glad it is him giving it a go.

Oh, and before you start speculating crazily about what is and is not in the game: No, there is no mana!

I wonder if PDS will ever try to use mana again in their new titles.

Any rough guesses when it might come out?

Not a clue, unfortunately. All I know is that Wiz stepped down from Stellaris in December 2018 to work on this. No idea if it ramped up to full production then.

Crusader Kings 3 was their latest new game and it was about a year from the initial announcement to release. No idea if Vicky 3 follows a similar timeline, though!

All it took was one look at that map of the United Kingdom with all those railways connecting the major cities. Lovely stuff.

I assume this is a Christmas 2021 or spring 2022 release - they made a point with and since Stellaris to keep new title announcements within about 1 year of release IIRC.

Their announcement made a point of saying they aren’t comfortable sharing any sort of release window, so I’d guess we aren’t going to see it in 2021.

Hopefully the lack of a release date means less pressure to rush the product out and more quality control.

A serious attempt at anarchism mechanics is a sign of dedication. And each country with it’s own currency? Oh my!
Really excited that everything is intended to be organic and not railroaded, even if that’s significantly easier said than done.

Were does it say each country has it’s own currency? I remember seeing a post on the forum that they considered it but thought it was too complicated.

So far I’ve been pretty happy about everything I’ve read. Especially that transportation cost seems to be a real thing. I’m eager to learn how imports and exports really work.

Which should allow some (gold-era) economic effects to be properly modeled.