Victoria Jackson Has Been Drinking A Lot of Kool-Aid

Victoria Jackson, of SNL fame, has a lot of things to say about Sen. Obama on her website:

That’s full of funny. Obama is a Communist AND he doesn’t get Christianity.

If Jesus were around today, he’d BE a Communist, or at least a socialist, AMIRITE?

Server seems to be down too. Isn’t she the really ditzy woman from SNL?

Is it real? Her whole schtick on SNL was pretending to be dumb.

I don’t appreciate this “awkward comedy” style that’s become somewhat prevalent.

But is this comedy at all?

Wikipedia says it’s real.

She’s a GOP supporter and recently appeared in an ad to denounce Al Franken.

Victoria Jackson? Any word on who Charles Rocket is supporting this year?

This is very important.

Can a person really be socialist if they think people can only be saved one way and one way only?

They got to a Baldwin? I thought all 17 Baldwin brothers were raging liberals.

And Victoria Jackson? The unfunny blonde with the annoying voice, What were she even doing on SNL.

Who cares? I mean, I don’t see threads decrying the pro-Obama comments from other “celebrities.” Or is this one of those cases where it’s ok to attack McCain supporters because the group think is so pro-Obama here?

Crap. I sound like Bob now. I guess I’m just sick of all the hypocrisy.

Wow, I just laughed to the point of physical pain.

Is it more or less funny if he committed suicide three years ago by cutting his own throat?

Less. :(

What I don’t get is that Obama attended church a helluva lot longer than McCain has and is definitely more spiritual; Plus Obama never called Falwall and others as “Agents of Intolerance”.

Totally don’t understand this evangelical backing of McCain.

You’re all forgetting why we should listen to her:

Show me pro-Obama quotes as dumb as…

Someone might want to clue her in on Bush’s own heart-on-his-sleeve born again Christian platform back in 00 when the man couldn’t be relied on to know his bible from his asshole.

Obama didn’t go to real church, he went to black church. And McCain is the more anti-gay candidate.

Oh lord. The point isn’t that McCain has a celebrity supporter, it’s that the stuff she’s saying is so wacky.

If she just was “I’m a celebrity, I’m a conservative, I don’t like (Obama’s tax proposals or his abortion stance or whatever), vote for McCain” or somesuch, no one would care.

But when someone who made a whole career out of seeming like a ditz says, in apparent seriousness “I don’t want a political label, but Obama bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ and I’m scared to death that un-educated people will ignorantly vote him into office.”

…I mean, come on. That’s funny.

Yeah, sorry Charles. I was going to say Mark Blankfield, but then nobody would have gotten it.

EDIT: And actually, I thought he married Julia Louis-Dryfus. Must have been another failed SNL alumnus.

It is ok to attack McCain supporters because they are complete idiot shithead fartfucking cocksniffers, with doo doo faces and boogers for brains.

I kid you not, it is true.