Victoria Jackson Has Been Drinking A Lot of Kool-Aid

Hollywood needs to shut the fuck up.

Mr. Julia Louis-Dryfus is Brad Hall.

It’s actually funny enough (and that site design is just Geocities enough) that I kind of question its authenticity.

The pro-McCain-ad she appears in bolsters it somewhat, although she certainly doesn’t say anything as wacky in the ad.

Hey, poetry!

                        It’s Just Plain Old Mysterious

We’re exploring each other
And our surroundings
As if we’ve just landed
In a spaceship.

As soon as we feel safe, it changes.
The landscape, our skin, our friends.
Our babies become old people.
Would we choose them as friends?

We look up and believe in God.
But we can’t see Him.
The sun must be his reflection.
Or the moon.

I love my dog, but
His intense stare unnerves me.
It’s like he wants to say something,
But he can’t.

This milk tastes good,
But the unknown is hard to swallow.

We check our neighbors’ faces
To see if they’ve figured it out.
They look back searching our faces.

They seem peaceful,
But I see their lights on late at night.
…And I hear them tapping
their pencils on their heads.

By: Victoria Jackson

This milk tastes good,
But the unknown is hard to swallow.

So I guess she spits?


This is why I prefer satire to irony. It’s much easier to discern.

My favorite entry from Ms Jackson’s blog.

There was a clip of her on the 700 Club recently where the host introduced Jackson with the usual career highlights but unfortunately they left out her crowning achievement of co-staring in Casual Sex?

Listening to Celebrity opinion is about as wise as listening to Joe the Plumber

Yeah, but Matt Damon is a lot smarter than Joe the Plumber (or most other celebrities, for that matter).

It’s a sad end to a pathetic career.


As I’ve said in the past, I think Hollywood celebrities should be just as free as anyone else to have a political opinion and openly talk about it, even when their opinion is as stupid as Ms. Jackson’s.

Or listening to a random Internet poster… or listening to anyone else without critically thinking about what they are saying.

Celebrities are just people, why should they be any different than anyone else when it comes to theiir right to openly talk/blog/etc about their politics?

Celebrities have a big soapbox to prattle on from. Shouldn’t that come with some responsibility?

Guess not.

Many bloggers have a really big soapbox too, so should they also “stfu” about their politics? Where do you draw the line? And who really cares how big someone’s soapbox is? A big soapbox by itself doesn’t add any authority to what you say.

Do you really think there are people out there who are pro-Obama or even neutral who are going to read Victoria Jackson’s blog and think “you know, if that lady who made a career playing dumb blonde chicks said this, it must be true!”?

I prefer to assume that people are smart enough to realize that celebrities have no responsibility to anyone but themselves, and weigh their remarks accordingly.

I mean, really, what should we do? Hollywood people and musicians have as much right to speak as anyone else…certainly as much as media blowhards like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Matthews and Olbermann.

Sure it’s wacky, but so are some of the people on the left. And I don’t see any threads devoted to their insanity. That’s my point. Or do I need to start linking to some of what people like Naomi Wolf (who actually writes columns for the Huffington Post) have said?