Vid card BIOS Question

I own two BFG cards with differing BIOS.
BFG Geforce 7800 GT OC ( and

Nvidia’s website states that for the highest level of compatibility cards should have the same BIOS. Can you please explain -in very simple terms- how I can rip the BIOS from one card and transfer it to the other?

The BFG website doesn’t seem to have BIOS listed for download.

Thank you!

This is a very interesting question. In my years of video gaming I have actually never once heard of a video card that had upgradeable BIOS.

There’s no reason that it shouldn’t be upgradeable, although, on some level you probably would not be able to see anything at all while the upgrade was taking place because the card wouldn’t be able to display anything during the process in all likelihood.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. You’ll regret it.

It is broken. :)

Artifacting from all sides…power supply and heat are not the issue. should have the Bios and utility to upgrade it. I’ve never done it myself so just make sure to check out whatever instructions they have and follow them religiously :)

That is an awesome site! The had my BIOS among the mountain of downloads.

I take it that I couple it with NV flash?

The first round of ATI Radeons had flashable/upgradeable BIOSes. Made for a nice tasty upgrade by basically re-enabling “shut down” pipelines in value versions. This was before they started cutting the lines (and people re-connected them with solder pens) and then just disabling the parts in silicon altogether. :)