Vid card question

I just picked up an Xtasy Radeon 9100 vid card. Problem I am having is after I wipe all my old Nvidia drivers my card tanks when loading XP. I get a picture all way to the “Loading” screen, but as soon as it goes to my desktop my card cuts out. Everything else is working fine (I can hear my DSL and email programs loading). The only advice I get from VisionTek is for format C and start all over again. Anybody have something better? Rig specs are

AMD Ath 700
1.2 gig ram
SB live
win XP


Hold F8 when you power up and choose to boot in Safe Mode. Then install the drivers and reboot.

Also, how did you wipe out your drivers? nVidia drivers are notorious for leaving random bits of themselves behind. Get Detonator Destroyer:

Use it. Then install the new drivers.

Don’t think that link is gonna help him much.

Sones, I’m pretty sure Destroyer is win9x only.

Sadly I tried all of this, even went as far as to format my hard-drive. Even worse, the problem is still around. Would my monitor have anything to do with this? Still same problem, when XP loads my desktop, I get a “Check connection” error from my monitor. Can still hear all the soothing XP sounds in the backround.

Sounds like the OS/video card isn’t detecting your monitor properly and thus is setting the refresh rate incorrectly, to something your monitor is incapable of displaying. I’m sorry you had to format your drive to find that out.

Do you have another monitor you can use? Also, try the TV-OUT as a last resort if necessary.

Look in display properties, settings, advanced, monitor. Make sure it’s set to a reasonable refresh rate and that it has detected your monitor. If it hasn’t, set it to something totally generic like VGA 1024x768 for now.

Could be. It’s been a while since I’ve used it.