Vidal-Buckley debates (1968) on quicktime

This link has some (very small) Quicktime excerpts of TV news debates between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley during the 1968 Democratic Convention. Fill in the numbers “1-5” after BV in the url to get the various clips.

It’s a historical curiosity but makes for amusing viewing. Especially clip #4 in which Buckley calls Vidal a “queer” and threatens to “sock” him.

The parent site looks to have some good clips from that year.

Unfortunately they don’t all seem to have sound, at least not for me. The vidal/buckley clips do however.

That is really great. I can’t imagine such an…honest exchange with today’s bullshit punditry.

“I’ll sock you in your goddamn mouth, you queer.”


The annoucer ends it with “A little more heat and a little less light than usual”. Still felt like more light than I’m used to seeing on TV. Some of the bits were reminiscent of SBVfT, with Vidal mocking Buckley’s war record.

Thanks for the link, enjoyed the debate.