Video board audio conflict with onboard audio?

Would the audio component of a video board conflict with the on-board sound on a motherboard?

I’m trying to diagnose some system crashes and thought I’d start with my video board. Blood Bowl has many many visual artifacts and eventually crashes, Photoshop complains about some video error (see pic below), and the WOTC D&D Tools (.NET apps) lock up my system about 20% of the time I tun them. Device manager (shown below) shows 2 audio devices, “AMD High Definition Audio Device” and “Realtek High Definition Audio”. I’m pretty sure the AMD device is from my video board and the Realtek device is from my on-board sound.

Should these two audio device coexist? Should I remove the video board (HDMI) sound driver?


  • Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro (has RealtekI® ALC1200 8-channel High Definition Audio)
  • Video: ATI Radeon HD 4870 (Integrated HD audio controller with support for stereo and multi-channel audio formats, including AC-3, AAC, DTS & Dolby True-HD4, enabling a plug-and-play audio solution over HDMI)

Device Manager:

Photoshop error:

You could check the bios settings at startup to make sure the onboard stuff is disabled.

No, that stuff isn’t conflicting.

The CS4 GPU support is very very flakey.



I disabled my motherboard’s on-board Realtek audio device and installed an old SoundBlaster Audigy. Blood Bowl crashed about 1/2 way through a game, seemingly right when a sound was trying to play. I don’t have an extra PCI Express video board so I can’t swap that out to test.

Could I have a (old school) IRQ conflict issue? The screenshot below shows my IRQ settings, with the audio devices highlighted. I disabled the drivers for the “High Definition Audio Controller”, which I think is on the video board. The system case has many fans and they seem to being doing a great job pushing air around and everything inside feels cool to the touch. The case is in my basement where it is quite cool (~58F).

When I first load Blood Bowl I see a lot of tearing and shearing, until I alt-tab to windows and renter Blood Bowl, then it’s fine for the rest of the match.

Video board (ATI Radeon HD 4870) numbers: (I know, lower temps when playing BB, I don’t get it either)

-----System Idle-----
Temp: 80C
Activity: 0%
Fan Speed: 22%

-----Playing Blood Bowl-----
Temp: 77C
Activity: 0%
Fan Speed: 20%


Should I juggle the IRQs for those 2 sound devices? I’ll have to disable ACPI and set them because I can’t uncheck the box to change them.

No. There’s really no reason to believe a conflict is occurring between the audio devices. The HDMI device simply exists to you can output audio over HDMI. It sounds more like your GPU is just overheating.