Video Card Help

I need an opinion on which card to get. I know about the newer cards but I need a definite opinion on one of these. Which is your choice, ATI X1800 XL of Nvidia geforce 7800 GT? Or would dual 6600 GT’s be better? Any advice appreciated.

Well since you didn’t list a budget I would suggest dual 7800GTXs in SLI mode as a stopgap solution till the DX10 cards come out. Then you can get a real upgrade.

Perhaps if you listed computer specs and a general price range there might be some more relevant help available?

In addition to what Nick asked for, you might want to list what you plan on running in terms of games, for instance. That’ll give folks an idea of the sort of power you need in a graphics card. Afterall, it’s no use getting dual 7800 GTXs if you plan on playing solitaire.

The Nvidia 7900’s should be coming out real soon now. This might one of those cases where it may be better to wait just a little longer. I think the 7900gt will be in the $350 range and it should be a bit faster then the 7800gtx.

Budget is not the factor. I’m ordering a new Alienware system and I need to choose between the two cards I listed. Thanks.

Dude, save your money. It’s just not worth it to have the fastest computer in the world… to play games on.

It’s Sunday, so that’s probably why we’re all lacking our usual reading comprehension skills today.

Kentcol wants to make a choice between three and only three options. He wants to make it today. His options are:
[li]ATI X1800 XL[/li][li]Nvidia geforce 7800 GT[/li][li] dual 6600 GT’s[/li][/ul]
Please pick one.

I’d go with the 7800. BUT Alienware overprices upgrades on such components horribly, so if the base card for the system is something worse, just buy the 7800 on your own and save gazillions.


Hold off a week or so. The 7900 series is going to be announced within a week. And the 7900GT is supposed to have similar performance to the 7800GTX, at $200 less. (Supposedly same retail as the 7800GT.)

To answer your original question, though, out of those options I’d take the 7800GT. Best driver compatibility of all those options, and excellent performance.

I need a new card in my main rig, but I’m running with a borrowed 6600GT right now while I await the 7900GT.

Thanks Roger! And thanks to all of you who replied. I guess I’ll go with the 7800. This is my birthday present so the wife is paying! I can upgrade it in a few months. Thanks again.