Video card problem

Got a new video card today (eVGA 6800 GS). Played Oblivion for about an hour with HDR enabled. Took a break for an hour, then came back to try Bloom in Oblivion instead of HDR. Played with Bloom for about an hour then exited and switched back to HDR.

When I loaded my savegame the monitor began to flicker all sorts of colors. Thinking it was a head issue I exited and checked my GPU temp. It was 62 (in the yellow) and falling (it says the threshold is 120). Loaded up and same thing happened. Switched the settings back to Bloom and loaded a game again and apart from some flickering on a bandit’s leg it seemed okay. Played for another 10 minutes or so with no problems, logged off and found my GPU temp at 71 and falling. Is this bad? Is my problem heat releated? Thanks in advance!