Video card + projector puzzle time:

I currently have a HP slim form factor business PC with onboard Intel GPU that does 1 VGA + 1 DP. This Intel chipset mobo has 2 low profile PCIE slots, 1 PCIE 1x low profile slot and 1 low profile PCI slot. Running Windows 7.

  1. It currently outputs 1 VGA to a VGA box splitter that runs it to a projector. Allowing for the PC operator to see the 1 VGA and its contents mirrored on the projector. T

  2. We have installed a 2nd projector that runs back to the PC with HDMI cable that we can change the connector end to DVI, DP as necessary.

Without installing a 2nd video splitter-thingy for the video output running to the projector 2, let’s have your suggestions (I was thinking a 3-way or 4-way PCIE video card) on how I can best/easily/cheaply get the operator to have 2 monitors working AND mirrored onto the 2 projectors.

How is Windows 7 (or is it more dependent on the machine BIOS how it handles integrated + discrete video?) handling onboard combined with discrete video these days? I haven’t had to do this since XP days.

Shit, a HDMI splitter thingy might be the easiest thing.

Was going to say, a splitter is your best bet. In my experience, taking options (ways to screw things up) from the user is invariably the best way to go. I can’t count the number of calls our help desk gets from otherwise intelligent people who can’t figure out how to change video outputs on their laptops/PCs.