Video Driver poblems?

OK, I’ve been getting a bunch of mini lockups in games,and I got a message in GalCiv2 that I had old drivers which may have problems running the game(none noticed).

So I decided to upgrade and do some maintance.

I download the latest Radeon 9800 Pro Win98 SE(yeah,I know,but it used to work fine) which was the following and installed it:

Driver Name: ATI2DRAG.DRV
Driver Version: 4.15.0001.9165 (English)
DDI Version: 9 (or higher)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 1/24/2006 21:42:58, 86000 bytes
DxDiag Version: 4.09.0000.0904 32bit

I then spent about 12 hours running scandisk(no errors) and defrag.

Now, I can’t even bootup Galciv2 or DL CE, the two games I’m playing,I get a black backround with the white boxes and arrows from my windows icons visible.

I run dxdiag,and my direct3d test crashes dxdiag to the desktop.

I’m guessing I got a bad driver,but not sure what I need to do to get a proper one,or reinstall my old(2003) drivers.

Any suggestions are appreciated…Thanks

You’re running Win98 SE? Wow! Good luck with that. ;) Unless I’m mistaken about the “Radeon 9800 Pro Win98 SE” phrase, in which case, whew.

I’d start by fully uninstalling the Catalyst Control Center/Panel software and the driver (via Control Panel Add/Remove Programs), reboot your machine, update DirectX (if you haven’t in a while) and reinstall the latest driver. If you find the you still have problems, grab an earlier version of the Catalyst drivers, uninstall your current version, reboot, and install that one. It may be just a matter of finding a driver set that works well on your system, as you suggested.

Yes, believe it or not Win98SE ran every game I have fine including ones like
Civ4 where it is not supported until these recent problems.

I uninstalled the 6.2s and downloaded & installed the 5.9s and that seems to solve the direct3d problems and the games and test runs.

Now I have to see if the mini lockups after longer play are gone.