Video Editing Software

Vegas Movie Studio is the consumer version. Platinum adds HD and 5.1 audio support, plus more effects. Vegas+DVD is the professional version.

Here’s a comparative chart. I’d wager that Vegas Movie Studio Platinum is plenty for most folks.

There are fully functional demo versions available for both programs.

Our lives remain eerily in sync. I realize this every time you start a topic. :)

Heh, just found out a guy I’ve been working with for a couple of years here in the Chicago suburbs is another USM alum. ;)

Hey, I bought the platinum package, will play with it this weekend, but one question: In MEP 11, there is a “test pattern” you can burn to a DVD and run on your TV, and then based on how it shows up on your TV you can set some vertical and horizontal settings to apply to your movies. These basically adjust your movie for the overscan on your TV, such that you don’t have your movies cut off on the top and/or bottom of your TV screen. Very nice, one set for a given TV (mine was about 7% and 9% V/H as I recall) you just click an option and it adjusts the movie before you burn it. Anything like this in Movie Studio? How do you adjust for TV overscan in this package?

FWIW, I started playing around with video editing over the holidays with Pinnacle Studio 10, and I’ve liked it so far. Granted, I’m doing pretty simple stuff, but I like the UI and I’ve had no crashing issues to speak of.

Of course, since it’s the only one I’ve tried, I may have no idea how much better the other suites might be. :)

I imagine that if I only used Studio 10 I would be able to do everything I need, but I’m one of those folks who is always looking for something better. ;) The titling capability in Studio 10 is much better and easier to use than in any other program I’ve used. I became frustrated due to some smaller issues, and the inability to import the wide range of files I need to use. And it is the one I always go back and try when the others don’t pan out (although for the last year, my default has been Magix Movie Edit Pro 11.)

I’m actually using the pro package, Vegas+DVD, and alas I haven’t messed with the TV overscan options… Sorry.

Hey Denny - in the category of It Must Be Easy and I Just Don’t See How - I need to be able to make a simple text overlay box and size and move it to where I want it on the screen, on top of the video. For example, for one segment, have a white text box saying “Chicago Field Museum” on top of a blue rectangle, with the ability to see how it will look on the video, resize and move it to where it looks like I want it to. I do not see how to do that in here. I can select a text with solid background, but the background is the size of the entire frame, and resizing via setting the numbers is awkward and gives odd results.

Is there a simple way to do what I want, that you know of?