Video game characters urge you vote, yo

If this is what democracy looks like, I’m gonna have to put a bag over her head when I go to the polls.

(You’ll have to endure some ads and it doesn’t work with popup blockers active. Sorry, but that’s the most direct link I could find.)

It’s a video that MTV put together to encourage those game-lovin’ kids to vote. It features a bunch of game characters in one 2:45 long non-sequiter. I’m all for anything that gets people to make informed votes, but this just really seems silly. Like some old man trying to be hip with the lingo, word?

I mean, if Bloodrayne and … that guy from SSX say I should vote, then I should vote, right?

It makes me embarrassed for my whole industry… again.


Now I don’t want to vote.

It’s a plot! (But by whom?)


Dag, yo! I be all energized, 'n shit.

I thought that was kinda neat.

Will the characters from UT be voting for Xan? Because I’d be up for that.