Video prob with Dominions 2

Dominions 2 looks so cool but I can’t run/watch combat because my framerate drops to zero when the view switches to the tactical view.

I have tried all of the usual things to help (low detail and filtering, turning sound off, etc.) to no avail. Maybe I missed something…

3D Prophet 8500. PIII 450. Lotsa RAM. No probs like this with any other games.

Any suggestions? It isn’t a gamestopper, I guess, but it would sure be fun to watch the battles.

Thanks in advance.

Dom2 is a huge video hog, which is inexplicable considering the low quality of the graphics. Try hitting “W” at the start of the battle–that removes the 3D world background, replacing it with a wireframe view. That works for most people (the units are sprites).

Good fix, Rywill. Thanks!

I’m a game developer and I’m thinking 'Why the heck would they release a game this way?" It’s not a rip off, because the game itself is terrific, but this lame 3D engine has got to go! ;)

I guess it is primarily ATI card people who are experiencing this “bug.” (Yeah, it’s a bug. Face it Shrapnel.) Well, you won’t see me updating my ATI video drivers just to run Dominions II. The last time I did (ironically, to get another Shrapnel game running correctly, Starfury), I lost Open GL completely.

ATI… Shrapnel… They go together like airplanes and fish. %)

My 9800 Pro gets very poor performance in Dom2, during the battles. I had a 5900 in my machine briefly, and it was twice as fast.