Video Problem

My video card’s been having problems with overheating - sparkling and tearing while running games. No big deal, I blast a fan into the case and it’s all OK.

But I just moved the PC today - now within a minute of starting up I get the sparkling effect on the screen - not even in 3D; we’re talking Windows Desktop, the BIOS, whatever.

I’m presuming this is a good indication that the video card has finallly just given up entirely, but is there anything I should try before dropping the cash to replace it?

Have you tried taking the side off the case and running it that way to see if it works any better?

Yep. No dice. I don’t have a fan handy but I’m guessing blowing a fan into it full time would make it work - but honeslty I’m just not willing to do that. It was one thing to run the fan when I was only gaming - but running it whenever the computer is on just isn’t going to happen.

YOu’ve tried taking the card out and cleaning the dust and stuff out of the fan? And making sure the fan works?

I saw an interesting video of someone removing CPU heatsinks while a PC was running, the effect was much quicker than I thought it would be. Make sure you have a good seal/connection from the fan unit to the GPU. Or, just buy a new fan, they’re about 12$ at tigerdirect.


I remember those, they were great. About 4 years ago, right?

The Intel process detected overtemp and throttled back. The AMD processors just burst into flames.