Video quality question

Folks: From time to time I make videos and upload them to Youtube, and many of them end up with some weird horizontal interlacing or breakups or whatever you want to call it. I’m capturing AVI from a camera via Firewire, editing it in Adobe Premier Elements and exporting it to MPEG 2. The video looks bad even on my laptop, so it’s not something that’s happening in Youtube.

For an example, here’s one I made last night:

Any suggestions? Different export format, maybe?


Is the camera outputting an interlaced video? If so, you need to deinterlace. Never used elements so I can’t really help other than point in the general direction of interlaced video.

Well for one thing, your audio is only coming out my left speaker.

Regarding the video, your camera is set to record an interlaced stream. As your source isn’t interlaced, this sucks and you should use a progressive recording format if your camera supports it. Otherwise, deinterlace by bobbing (for a high motion video like this – ideally you’d use a motion-adaptive deinterlacer but adobe aren’t very clever and don’t include decent processing filters). That will give you double the framerate you expect, so halve the framerate by decimation. Voila.

This is an older camera, so what I’m getting is probably the best that’s available with it.

Thanks, guys - your suggestions give me something to work with. I may need a better recording device. I wish those Flip cameras had some inputs.

I don’t know about Premiere, but VirtualDub has various deinterlacing filters, and it should be pretty easy to run it through there.

Running the output of your 360 directly into your computer and capturing direct to hard drive would be best – can you do that?

I guess I can if I buy a video capture device. I’ve been using the camera because it was handy (sort of) and I already had it on hand.

Well, the reason I suggest it is that some video cards (notably ATI) support it.