Video with sound recording from a PC game

Anyone have any suggestions for something to use to record video AND sound from a game?

TV capture card… loop the video out through the Vid card VHS to the input for the cap card, loop the audio out from the sound card into the cap card.


it actually records audio? Ok, I’ll buy it then

should work ok as long as what you want to record doesn’t go above 1152x864. anything above that gets halved in resolution. when i last used FRAPS to record something, it seriously hit the system performance-wise, really slowing down the framerate of what i was recording- not to a slideshow or anything, but it was quite notable that everything became slow.


I use it to make widescreen WOW movies at 15fps. I play at 1680x1050, but half it for FRAPS purposes.

You have to experiment a bit with your application’s volume level to make sure your audio levels don’t go over peak values. Otherwise, it’ll sound scratchy when things get loud.;4090981;;/fileinfo.html

FRAPS rocks. You may have to play around with settings a bit, and you likely won’t get super-high resolution results, but it’s the best solution.

Ditto on the FRAPS thing. But a few words of concern:

  1. It’s system intensive. 30fps video is beyond many system’s reach, depending on the game. You might have to settle for 15 or 24fps or whatever.

  2. Resolution matters a LOT. Not just because you’re sucking up system resources and want the game to run fast, but because there’s a linear relationship between resolution and the amount of data that has to get dumped to memory and disk while recording video.

  3. You want lots of RAM, and a fast hard disk. During recording, your hard disk is probably going to go nuts.

For most games, you’ll get a decent video if you lower your resolution to 800x600, and the game will run better too.

For games like BF2 and HL2 that have a demo recorder function it’s even easier to get a smoother capture.