Videogame Music

As far as my searches can tell, Qt3 doesn’t have an omnibus game music thread. This makes me sad.

So I would like to inaugurate one with a couple of links.

Here is an oscilloscope view of Rob Hubbard’s brilliant ‘International Karate Championship’ soundtrack, an extremely loose adaptation of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s theme song to ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.’ There are a lot of oscilloscope videos on Youtube – they’re fascinating to watch.

And here is a 5-minute loop of Jeremy Soule’s haunting ‘Kuldahar’ music from his score for Icewind Dale.

I find myself listening to a lot of chiptunes lately. It’s one of the only types of music that really allow me to zone out and get some work done (others include trance, and J.S. Bach keyboard music).

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