Videogamedunkey is the best video game reviewer of all time



Yeah he is great. However his videos tend to be highly spoilerific so beware! The Zelda one was pretty good too.

Loving the cuphead review as well

Also the “KNACK IS BACK!” joke. Love that. Love that so much. TL;DR it was the only “next-gen” game available on the PS4 at launch that wasn’t already on PS3… and it just sucked ass.


I had no idea Kirby had eaten Mario! Very instructive.

Dunky is very funny. Love his Overwatch and LoL videos

It’s Dunkey, spell it right Jayson MacMaster

This guy has the blackest voice I’ve ever heard. I felt betrayed when I finally found out the truth.

Oh yeah he’s totally a pudgy middle aged white guy like the rest of us. I watched some of his older videos and it seems he kinda morphed into this voice over time as a style thing.