Videos 2017 - YouTube and Beyond


How do we not have a 2017 thread yet? Because people kept posting in the 2016 thread, of course. No more!

The happiest polar bear:

Edit: While updating the Portland snow thread, found a YouTube version with a seal and elephant as well.

Youtube 2017 - Best Of



That Rick and Morty intro is fantastic!


Yes it is.


Well this is interesting to watch anyway.

CHP - Truckee OK the rumor mill is spinning on this video, and the theories have been great. So the Story, the driver had jackknifed at the top of the grade. When the driver had lost it at the top of the hill, he had broke the air lines to his rear trailer. This caused the brakes on the rear trailer to lock up. We arrived on scene and were informed the tow was going to be extended. So we asked the driver if he could get himself going and we would give him space to get down to the next open shoulder on the Interstate. 20 minutes later he was off the highway and we were open with flowing traffic.

I wonder how the AI will handle something like this. When it’s icy like this, not always the driver’s fault.


The bird has something to say.


Clickspring makes a replica of the Antikythera device.

Chris from ClickSpring is a very talented amateur machinist who is creating a replica of the earliest known complex calculating device - the two thousand year old Antikythera device.

Clickspring - Antikythera Episode 1

His previous video series was about making a replica 18th venture skeleton clock from raw metal stock -
Skeleton clock video series

These videos are TOTALLY AMAZING! For me this pushes all the buttons - history, technology, design, photography, artistry and craftspersonship. The videos show high quality production, excellent photography, thoughtful explanations, and the surprisingly relaxing sight of metal being machined.

Chris typically releases a video every month, and I am hanging out for the next one already. He also has a Patreon if you want to flick him a lazy few dollars to support these videos.



I really hope this posts correctly. Must be watched with sound, on loop, forever.

Possibly the first time I’ve genuinely laughed today. 11:27PM! Good show!

edit: click tweet itself, not vine link, which no longer works.


Aircraft carrier launch catapult testing with non-flying vehicles. Best shot is at the 1:55 point, IMHO.


So this is a thing.

skip to 1:20


I was sure I saw someone post this somewhere before (possibly even by @ShivaX who shared it with me!) but I don’t see it and it’s fantastic. NSFW, presumably (I’m only half way through it) for language only.




Hello fellow nerds! Discovered a series of history youtubes. I love the OOTS style-art.


On a bit of a nostalgia trip this morning:


I looooove watching Adam Savage build shit. The dude just exudes passion for what he does.


Oh yeah, Extra Credits is awesome!


Why Roger Rabbit Rocks.