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Now that’s comedy.



Dogs require too much micromanagement. If I have to worry about every time my unit is going to take a poop, I might as well be playing Starcraft.


Can’t embed this one.

You can see Tysdale cautiously inserting a part of the chip in her mouth while taking a selfie at the 1:13 mark and eventually meeting her inescapable demise a mere 30 seconds later at the 1:45 mark.


Would also have accepted this in the Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food thread.


Nope, embedding isn’t working.


Thanks, @lordkosc. My skin is crawling.
This got me thinking though, how much would they have to pay me to do a job like that?

With the special suit, maybe for $1,000. Looks like it could take all day.
Without a special suit? Yeah, right.

Favorite comment:

Nothing good about them? I have wondered about that before. What purpose do they serve in the world?
According to Wikipedia,



Kill them, kill them all. Leave no survivors.


They’re also very good scavengers. Whenever I see dead animals around here, the yellowjackets pick off every last little bit of flesh leaving just clean bones and hair.

I wonder how much yellowjacket meat is in that nest. If only you could find a way to cook them, that’s so much protein…





A Millennial job interview from Instagram channel @TheDanielBrea


The writer did an awesome job tapping every bs trope that old people like to see about young people. Like really nailed it. Hats off.


Yep, and, as an old person with a millennial daughter, it did have everything I want to see. Seriously, of course it’s a gross exaggeration, but that part about getting up so early…really nailed it. :)


What tropes? I see this in my millenial job candidates all the time.


OK, since I can’t argue with your experience, let me describe my own experiences with millenials (specifically those on the path to be professionals).

The millenials I’ve met and talked to are no-nonsense focused young people who are completely fed up with all of the bullshit that all of the older businesspeople “know” without really knowing anything. All while understanding the bullshit and putting up with it. Nothing like one of the largest recessions being the starting point for your work career to help you understand what it means to need a job and what that job entails. Because of that same recession, they are paid way less than their superiors and will probably suffer a lifelong pay dip.* Usually they are aware of this.

They tend to understand science and can look things up. They are familiar with the information age and what that means for communication, which does stunt their ability to talk to people who are much older because there are big differences between people who grew up with the internet age and those who lived through what came before.

Of course, if you are interviewing people for non-professional positions, I imagine you’re getting a whole different crop.

Also, everything I’ve stated can in no way apply to every person who was born between years X and Y for any given X and Y, so I can believe you’re seeing something different.

Full disclosure: I am not a millenial, but I am almost one by conventional definitions. Most of the people I’ve worked with and interviewed in this age set have been 8-10 years younger than me.



New Zealand police recruiting video


Thank you @ron_debry, thank you.


I can’t decide which I like best: the tire-lady or police cat.