Videos 2017 - YouTube and Beyond


Not too long ago this would have been an Onion piece.



Simple snow physics in action - not sure what the people close to the tracks and even filming it were expecting to happen.


Cats pushing shopping carts and more in a German-based Netto Marken-Discount grocery store ad.


We need more cat commercials like that.



Transformer cosplay. I think I would react exactly like that kid, if I saw that walking past me.


A Grey-Headed Flying-Fox bat named Pretzel.
I found this fascinating because I did not know that bats could get so large.
There is actually a bat rehabilitation facility in Australia, where this video was taken.
Be careful. These videos can be more addictive than cat videos.
Playlists from the Megabattie Bat Channel.


Huh, Ken Jeong is actually a licensed medical physician in California.

I mean, he’s an actor too…


Much amusement.




I dislike these shows in general, but this had me in stitches.


Man, thank you for sharing the tape face stuff. I never really watch that kinda show either, now that The Sing Off is canceled again, but that was really charming and clever. I wound up finding another video that included judge reactions after the fact, which I always kinda like watching (plus it includes more of the interstitials they filmed with him, but those get kinda samey after awhile). It’s here. Unfortunately, the audio is pretty badly out of sync, which kills the timing in the acts themselves a little.


A funny prop comic. Now I’ve seen everything.


He’s essentially a mime… Funny at first, but I got tired of it by the end.


Edit: Subscribed to the channel and went down the hole. Some hilarious stuff.



The American version has me in tears.


Seriously, this is hilarious.