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Chocobo’s are real, confirmed.

Right, uh, video.



I’m sorry; I gotta throw a commercial into this thread. I just love it.
The Progressive Insurance “I’m becoming like my father” commercial.



I seen to recall someone other than me liking lock picking, and I constantly enjoy this guy’s videos.

This one is a crazy as lock.


I like lock picking. And I love his videos. Hadn’t seen this one yet. Something to watch while eating lunch.



I liked this quite a lot.


That’s so gorgeous. One like for you, good sir.


An Icelandic folk singing group was impressed with the acoustics of a subway station when leaving from a concert in Wuppertal, so they stopped for a great impromptu a-capella performance of the medieval hymn “Heyr himna smiður.”


(Full video)

Context: The Triple Street (Songdo, South Korea) shopping mall grand opening featured a “Pokemon Festival” and at one point one of the Pikachu costumes began to malfunction and the staff ran out and pulled him or her out, but then there was some sort of unexpected keystone cops routine resulting from a misunderstanding about who was staff. Or something. Then the deflated Pikachu managed to inflate him or herself again and tried, unsuccessfully, to get back into the action. (Full video.)


Make sure you give it about 45 seconds before you turn it off.

I know this is a day late. :/ Still… “space druids.” :)


Pikachu dance. Make sure you watch the deflating event from 1:00 forward because it’s kind of surreal. ;)


1000 mousetraps? One of many things better in slow motion.



Star Trek the Motion Picture re-cut with the Tron Legacy soundtrack. It’s kind of amazing.


Hey, if it made Tron legacy bearable, then it can make anything better.


That recut of Star Trek is awesome.


Dude breaks down a Juicero “cold press juicer”. Funny shit.