Videos 2017 - YouTube and Beyond


This is my favorite commercial on TV right now. Not because it’s good. Because it’s the most unintentionally (or is it?) homoerotic ad going. Just close your eyes and imagine these guys are talking about a dildo or a Mapplethorpe work.



I found this far more amusing than I should have.


I don’t play hearthstone, and it doesn’t matter if you do either. Most of you play video games, so these videos may be interesting/appropriate.


Not an actual YT video, but it could have been. Anything for likes GONE WRONG! Smash that Like button guys!


^^^ It’s time for eugenics.







An entire subdivision of expensive homes abandoned during construction in 2008.
Narrator/videographer does a decent job explaining.
Southern Missouri near Table Rock Lake.


Who would want to buy a mansion that is seemingly 10 feet away from another identical mansion?


It’s a thing now. Hell, we’ve got 'em right here in Bismarck.
Can’t afford a real mansion, but can afford a large house.
They call them McMansions because they build them fast and cheap, and sell for high profit.

Oh, and I think those in the video are actually duplexes BTW.


I just leave this here.



Meanwhile in Oregon.


I feel this is somethimg important


Audio only, but hey, he had 30 cars.