Videos 2017 - YouTube and Beyond



Incredible rat action with a group of farm dogs as they uncover an entire field of rats.



Deleted scene, latest Planet of the Apes…


“It’s made from the sweat of elves, and it’s very expensive.”


I could not get the link to work for some reason, but I found it on Youtube.


So I ordered a box of MREs from Amazon. It’s hurricane season here and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Anyway I’m interested in what it will be like so I’ve been checking out various info on them. This is one of my favorite videos.


If you want a case of MREs, you can probably find a lot lower prices locally, someplace like a gun show. The last 12-pack I got was $45.


Baby elephant vs. asshole goose.


The narrator in The Wonder Years replaced with with 80’s horror synth.


Still good.


Truth from Funny or Die:



Australian ad for lamb


It gets a little weird at the 40 second mark…


Oh cool, I never knew that when I was making oobleck in grade school, I was actually making a speed bump.


This made me smile.



LOL. Excellent. The triumphant upraised arms sells it.


A man and his stalwart cat vs a rat in the bathroom.